Biblical Worldview


An important aspect of your child’s education at Maranatha Christian Academy is Chapel. Each Monday will include Chapel consisting of prayer, Bible reading, singing, and exhortation.

Bible Curriculum

All curriculums are published by reputable companies, such as A Beka, Bob Jones University, Positive Action, and Saxon. Each publisher provides quality curriculum and instructional support materials which present all subject matter in a way that is consistent with the Word of God. Scriptural applications abound and moral choices are encouraged which reflect Biblical standards. Other publishers may be carefully chosen for use as a part of our curriculum; and supplementary materials (including library books) are screened for their suitability to Christian education.

The textbooks provide important information, but are not the sole source. Godly, qualified teachers will utilize many resources to prepare students to effectively develop knowledge, wisdom, and service for Christ. Curriculum at MCA is not simply a set of textbooks. It is a carefully chosen program of materials and activities designed to accomplish our mission and achieve educational goals.