Middle School Program

Our middle school program emphasizes spiritual precepts, character building, and skills/concepts necessary for academic advancement into secondary education, as well as the expanding Fine Arts opportunities.  Our middle school teachers work with our students in emphasizing study and research skills preparing them for secondary education.

The school day consists of a Bible class, core academic courses (Math, History, Science, and English), physical education, and various electives (Chorus, Art, Speech/Drama, Spanish, Hand Bells, and Computer).  Private music lessons are available during school hours.

Students in our Middle School score consistently anywhere from one to two years above the national norms on the yearly Stanford Achievement Test. They rank in the top 10% of our State.

Classroom Facts:

  • Limited Class size
  • Bible-based curriculum
  • Personal growth through Bible classes and inspirational chapel services.
  • Development of life enhancing qualities including: patriotism. personal accountability and responsibility.

Middle School students have unique needs that make them different from elementary children and high school students. Our program is designed to meet the emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs of the pre-adolescent.